2014 Mid- Year Convention, Technical Seminar / Workshop and Product presentation

Greetings from IIEE-WRCSA!!!

“Di” IIEE-WRCSA wishes to announce its upcoming 2014 Mid- Year Convention, Technical Seminar / Workshop and Product presentation on 13th of JUNE 2014 (Friday) at Trident Hotel, Jeddah KSA.  from  7:30 AM -5:30 PM.

WHAT:          Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineer of the   Philippines,

Incorporated - Western Region Chapter, Saudi Arabia  (IIEE-WRCSA)

Meeting,       2014 – Mid-Year Convention, General Membership,

Technical Seminar and Product Presentation.

WHERE:       TRIDENT HOTEL, Jeddah – K.S.A.

WHEN:          JUNE 13, 2014 (FRIDAY)

TIME:            7:30 Am – 5:30 Pm


Engr. Sonny A. Serran, 2014 Chapter President

Mobile No.: 058 175 0414 / 055 695 2433

Engr. Abdulwahab A. Disangcopan, VP-External Affairs /

Activity Chairman – 056 374 1627

Engr. Jhon Jhon Q. Quilon, VP- Technical Affairs – 056  848  4735

Engr. Dante M. Arejola, Chapter Secretary – 056 779 2746

Engr. Melvin B. Manlincon, Chapter Treasurer – 053 142 5061

Engr. Yusoph T. Admain, 2011 FCP – 056- 085 18936987





This is cost for Venue, Lunch, Certificates, Coffee Break and other Auxiliary costs.


Please come and join us.


Engr. Sonny A. Serran

2014 Chapter President


Mobile No.: +966 058 175 0414 / 055 695 2433

Email: snyserran_sas16@yahoo.com



Please be reminded of our 3rd IIEE-WRCSA REGULAR BOARD MEETING tomorrow, March 12, 2014 - Wednesday at La Parilla Restaurant, Jeddah, K.S.A. Meeting start at exactly 7:00 Pm and to be adjourned at 9:30 Pm. Please come on time.

Below are the following agendas. Kindly go over and let me know if you have any further agenda to add that you would like to discuss.
AGENDA are the following:
1.     Invocation / Roll Call / Call to order / Quorum Declaration/ Approval of Agenda.
2.      Reading and approval of the 2nd MOM dated 05 February 2014.
3.     Report on recently concluded Seminars (By: Engr. Jhon Jhon G. Quilon – Activity Chairman)
-  Orientation Seminar on SPLBE (PEE, REE & RME)
-  Technical Seminar on GENERATOR: Design, Installation and Maintenance.
4.     Preparation for the upcoming  Seminars for the month MARCH on;
      4.a) Technical seminar on MOTOR / DRIVES: Service and Maintenance (March 14, 2014) -
               Engr. Roel L. Pestaño
      4.b) Basic Electrical Safety Seminar (March 21, 2014) – Al Magrabi Clinic  for Nursing and Dental
5.     Proposed Plant Tour  – By Engr. Yusoph T. Admain (For confirmation)
6.     Preparation for the 2014 Mid-Year Convention – (Proposed tentative Date: June 13, 2014)
       -  Venue (Jeddah Trident Hotel)
       -  Date and Time (Proposed tentative Date: June 13, 2014)
       -  VIP Letters (Dignitaries)
       -  Scouting of Sponsors
       -  Souvenir Magazine (inputs)
7.     Report on the event of SPLBE Oath taking Rites. – ( February 21, 2014)
8.     Actions / Plans for the forthcoming 2014 SPLBE (During HAJJI Holiday)
        -  Preparations needed (Venue, Review  materials, Instructors)
9.     First and final reading of Resolution No. 01 Series 2014 – (Purchased of Projector and Projection
10.    Other matters / adjournment.
       -  TM, Sport Activities
Your attendance is a must.

Kindly confirm your attendance by return email.

IIEE-WRCSA Technical Seminar on HV Underground Cable Design & Installation – Sept 14, 2012

Dear Fellow Electrical Practitioners,
You are cordially invited to attend the IIEE-WRCSA Technical Seminar:
What:                     IIEE-WRCSA Technical Seminar on HV Underground Cable Design & Installation
When:                    September 14, 2012 @ 9:00am – 4:00pm
Where:                  La Parilla Restaurant (near Sarawat Jeddah International Market)
FEE:                        SAR 80  for Non-Members     /     SAR 70 for MEMBERS
INCLUDED:       Free Lunch /  Coffee & Beverages / Certificate


Looking forward to see you there to  join us in this very interesting technical seminar for all Electrical practitioners.
Best Regards,
Engr. Edwin R. Apacionado
2012 Chapter President
Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers-
Western Region Chapter, Saudi Arabia
Contacts and Location Map

2012 IIEE Toastmasters

Warm greetings to all our officers, members and participating group of the IIEEWRCSA Midyear convention. Toastmasters Theme “Cultivating Unity amidst

As a toastmaster, we are focus-oriented and always ready to cultivate others with dynamism and passion. Cultivating individual possibilities and enlisting others in a shared view of knowledge and help promising individual achieve their goals.
Our foresight is for us to come together not only embracing shared practices, beliefs and values, but acknowledging our differences in ways that better serve the society.

We believed that the best way mankind can benefit our activities through sharing our knowledge to others, inspiring others to achieve and giving back to the society what we have learned.

More so, toastmasters will lead us to a process of cultivating unique opportunity to learn and sharpen our unseen skills. Thus, it will help motivate others to bring a collective strength to continue to maintain and promote unity amidst diversity.

We look forward to move successful years of activities and project. More power and good luck!

Mabuhay ang IIEE Toastmasters at mabuhay tayong lahat!

(July Palomar)

The following IIEE-Toastmaster members has achieved an Educational awards. TM July Palomar, Jr for Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), Competent Leader (CL) and Sponsoring Seven (7) Members, TM Elliser Repollo for Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS), TM Glend Sibag for Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) and Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB), TM Rey Vivo for Competent Communicator (CC).

The IIEE-WR Club was move in Division H under Area 16, and the incoming club officers for 2012-13 are the following: Gleny T. Sibag, Julio Palomar (Area 28 Governor), Delia Rodora P Javing, Rey R. Vivo, Lois Angeli Javing, Marvin Jay Miranda and Eliser L Repollo.

Club Awards 2011 – 2012 Let me congratulate the officers and members of IIEE-WR toastmaster Club for achieving the following award.
1) Club model of the year Award, President’s Distinguished
Club 2) Smedley Award 3) Beat the Clock Award Let’s us all Enjoy as we Learn to Empower and Energize! Cheers! (July)

TM Maria Tess Villanueva received
an award from TMI as Outstanding
Division Governor of the year.

The Following person was award by the District 79 Division G Governor Maria Teresa O. Villanueva, 1) TM July Palomar was Awarded by Division G as Peppy Toastmaster of the year for his outstanding accomplishments and leadership excellence in the pursuit of the mission of Toastmaster International and Magneto Membership Award, 2) TM Glen Sibag as triple crown awardee, Area Governor of the year, Toastmaster of the year and Magneto membership award.

IIEE-WRCSA Badminton Tournament

IIEE-WRCSA Badminton Club has been in existence for six (6) years now and always welcome new members. We are friendly and sociable club with the opportunity of competitive Badminton against other groups in the Western Region. Our venue is pleasant and offering good clean facilities, with its regular schedule every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday at JIS and every Tuesday at France school. Games like Badminton primarily exist to provide pleasure as a leisure activity for people of all ages alsoinvolves intense mental concentration, continually anticipating and pre-empting your opponent’s moves. From the health freak’s perspective too, badminton is a sport, providing a complete overall workout for the body and mind, keeps you feeling well, strong, motivated, enthusiastic, and young. It helps to ward off depression, anxiety, stress and increase self-esteem. So, what are you waiting for? Come join the fun and excitement. We are inviting you all to find out more about Badminton, the health benefits of playing this fantastic game is well worth the reward a person will get because playing Badminton can enhance Quality of Life…so MOVE!!!!

Indeed, it is a great pleasure to note that IIEE-WRCSA Badminton Club, organized in 2008 and headed by Engr. July, Engr. Raymond & Family, Engr. Kent and BOD’s keeps on moving on and actively participating in different competitions among other professional organizations. For further information regarding the club activities please don’t hesitate to call or send SMS to this contact number 0569239104 and 0557833058. (Kuya July) The IIEE Badminton club conducted series of in-house tournament and some of the participants are from IIEE members and special guest players. The recent Fun game Team tournament was very enjoyable to experience. Chairman July was challenge the group to play the game with handicapping system playing without his smashing power. The result of point system scoring that the Yellow Team was the champion (Nelson, Mel J, Nel V, Kent & Raquel) the Runner up group, Red Team (Randy, Jorge, Reny, Ken and Joy) White Team (July, Eliser, Rey, Waldo & Rusell), The Green Team has a powerful combination but they could not surpass the True Power of other teams (Leo, Hermie, Melchor, Terry & Rodha)